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Church Secretary

Beth Johnson is our Church secretary. Got something for the calendar? Take it to Beth. Got something for the bulletin? Take it to Beth. Want to know what’s going on in the Church? Talk to Beth. She’s the information manager for the fellowship!

Choir Director

Karen Merrill is the choir director at Central Baptist. She is quick to laugh, has a wonderful heart for compelling worship. She is always on the lookout for more voices to fill the choir but if you can’t sing, don’t worry, she’ll love you anyway.


Colleen Cosgrove is Central’s organist. She can often be found near Karen, waiting patiently as the Choir is busy having yet another laughing fit. Colleen is a lovely person, but she does have perfect pitch which makes some people jealous.

Musician Extraordinaire

Todd Johnson is a man of many talents – his only problem is deciding which ones to use at any given time. As such, Todd will often play the guitar, harmonica, and a sequencer at the same time. This is usually as he plays one of his bluegrass favorites. Oh yeah, Todd also plays the music for us during out “blended” worship Sundays.