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About Us

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Central Baptist is a worshipping community dedicated to making healthy and faithful disciples of Jesus Christ.  We are a “casually formal” group which enjoys coming together to laugh, sing, learn, and pray.  Below are just some of the key traits for the congregation. If you would like to find out more about the Central Baptist community, please use the form below to send us a message!


Central Baptist is a congregation which celebrates creativity in our expressions of worship, relationship building, and discipleship. Our music styles range from high-classical to bluegrass.   Maybe of our discipleship programs and Sunday school classes are developed by people in the congregation – from our youth worship time, to adult devotional studies.  We also make wide use of technology in our worship events in a way which enhances our appreciate for the wider worship tradition of the Church.


The community has a deep appreciate for the power of just getting together to have fun. One of our favorite activities is to host a “pizza bash,” where every family brings their favorite pizza to share with the crowd.  We enjoy hosting an annual progressive barbecue to enjoy the hospitality of one another’s homes. We’ve even held a Cinco de Mayo pot-luck just because we enjoy Mexican food! In the past our creative impulses have combined with our love of being together and gave birth to a Wii Bowling league. Hanging out with the Central Baptist community is always an adventure!


Central Baptist has always had a strong connection with youth, and that’s been re-ignited in recent years.  We currently have two groups which meet regularly –  Treasure Hunters (grades 5-7)  and Quest (grades 8-12).  These groups get together for leaning, prayer, and play.  Our goal in all of our youth ministry is to make youth aware of the wider world, and encourage them to embrace the good news of Jesus as they seek to bless this world.