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August 26, 2018 – Bulletin

Worship Image

Worship Order


Welcome and Announcements

Passing the Peace

Call to Worship

We praise you for creating this world in all beauty, 

for redeeming the world through Christ, our Lord, 

and for sending us the gift of your Spirit
to encourage, instruct, and sustain us.

We long for your Spirit to work among us now,
to inspire our praise, to challenge us with your truth, 

and to equip us for service in your world. Amen. 

*Praise Music – “Great Is the Lord”

 – “I Am the God That Health Thee”

Opening Prayer and the Lord’s Prayer

Sharing of Joys and Concerns


*Song of Thanksgiving – “Give Thanks” – #170

Give thanks with a grateful heart; Give thanks to the Holy One
Give thanks, because He’s given Jesus Christ, His Son (repeat)

And now let the weak say, “I am strong,” Let the poor say, “I am rich”
because o what the Lord has done for us. Give Thanks! (repeat)

Gospel Reading – Luke 1: 26-37 – p. 1098

*Praise Song – “In the Garden”

Message – “The Journey’s Goal” – Pastor Wes

*Praise Song – “Shine, Jesus Shine”


*If you are able, please stand


August Benevolence – Riverview Estates

“Riverview Estates is a faith-based community serving a diverse aging population and their families by providing a continuum of care with respect, acceptance, dignity and joy.”  (taken from their website)

Interfaith Hospitality Network

Friday, September 14.  Cooks, servers, overnighters needed.  See Amanda

Simply Good News: Why the Gospel is News and What Makes it Good, by Tom Wright.

Join us starting Sunday, September 9 at 9:30am as we read and discuss this book.  If you need help purchasing a book, please see Amanda.

Baptist Home Fall Sale

Saturday, September 8, 10am-2pm in the Auxiliary Room.  Great Stock, low prices!  Boutique-Home goods-Handcrafts-Books-Lunch-Jewelry-Dolls-More


Tonight – 7:00 PM – IBC

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