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2016 Christmas Celebrations

Slide image of the front church doors

Advent is almost two-thirds complete, and Central Baptist is gearing up for our Christmas celebrations! Prepare to join us this year as we celebrate the wonders of the Incarnation, and the hope Jesus’ presence brings to the world.

Christmas Eve

Come and worship the newborn king! At 6:30 PM, Saturday December 24, Central Baptist will gather for a traditional “lessons and carols” service. This worship time, filled with wonderful music and a story of hope, will conclude with our annual candle lighting.

Christmas Day

As Christmas falls on a Sunday this year, Central Baptist wanted to do something both different and special. During our normal worship time, 10:30 AM, we will gather for a Christmas brunch and worship. We’ll sing, celebrate, and enjoy some great food 1. Everyone is encouraged to come “comfy casual 2.” If you plan to join us you can either sign up in the church or call the church office at 856-829-1907. If you call leave your name, number coming, and what you plan to bring for the brunch (egg/protein, non-sweet baked goods, pastries, fruit).

  1. Simultaneously. Don’t sing with your mouth full, it’s a choking hazard. 
  2. If you want to wear a cozy robe and some slippers, that’s perfectly fine. 
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